Prayasam  has  stepped into adulthood.  As a young adult ,into its twentieth year and traversing through this enriching period , PRAYASAM has gained a diverse range of experiences working with children from  different  socio-economic backgrounds   establishing itself as a well-known expert in child rights and attaining almost the highest degree of Child Participation at a  global level.Daring to tread the untrodden path in its two decade journey and shunning all conventional notions of development,  which only lay special emphasis on fulfilling basic  requirements or infrastructural needs, Prayasam has emerged a winner!  Thus  portraying  beautiful kalaidescopic  designs  on its 20 year canvass, with seemingly irrelevant aspects such as smart attitude, commitment, participatory approach,  multi-layered work, low-cost innovations and attention to minute details.Keeping this in view, Prayasam has emerged as a philosophy, a concept, inspiring  both children and adults across the globe to  create more platforms like Prayasam.Most significantly renowned entrepreneurs  have acknowledged our work and the founder-director’s novel concepts and its powerful impact on children as empowered changemakers

Thus  addressing the root of development and , through its holistic approach and innovative work, which aims at complete eradication of mental and emotional poverty, Prayasam has been able to make  its partners and everyone  realize the  real process of empowerment. And it also seems, that just like a jig-saw puzzle all original ideas and  initiatives are falling into place, in the form of structured programmes that once started as experimentation projects  for empowering children and youth. Mentoring is an integral part of our work, where more emphasis is placed on  mentality than  the work itself and the greatest achievement of Prayasam  has been the starting of Ontrack, Grassroot HR Management Institute, for its young  partners. Another central pillar of Prayasam’s work has been to experiment with traditional, popular and latest technology in communication media that best helps children and youth to effectively communicate their messages  for changing mindsets and raising aspiration levels, both in communities and  in the wider society .   So in partnership with media giant Adobe Foundation, Prayasam  launched the first ever Visual Basics  and Grassroot Film Studio for Community Youth, in Asia , last year. We thus call upon you, to be with us, to enhance their creative endeavours and motivate the Young Changemakers, to continue  exploring the power of visual  media, to make a meaningful impact , by improving the social environment, both in underdeveloped communities and  the world at large.
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