international women's day

Greetings from Prayasam!


On International Women’s Day 2022, 8th March, Prayasam is hosting an awareness event where residents of 10 Salt Lake blocks will be participating in different creative and digital media, to raise awareness of women issues, acknowledge their struggles and achievements.


The world at large doesn’t hold a welcoming attitude towards women. And years after years women have been continuously trying to create a congenial environment for themselves. A woman’s life is full of struggles, struggles that lead to confidence, confidence to lead to pride, and pride makes them strong and more responsible. Their self empowerment has increased their responsibilities manifold.  They have to balance work and home. Women’s importance has amplified, their responsibilities have multiplied and equally their tension, pressure and stress have also increased. Let’s introspect our mammoth insensitive behavior towards our mother, daughter, sister, wife, and girlfriend. This International Women’s Day, Prayasam takes a humble step to layer the ongoing mental, emotional and psychological wound experienced for women folk with live canvas, poetry, audio drama, films, theater, discussion and dance at our Kalanjali Art Space.

Here is the itinerary –

3pm to 4:40pm – Screening female character centric films by Prayasam Visual Basics

4:40pm to 5pm – Naari (dramatic poetry) – Rajarhat Newtown

5pm to 5:15pm – Shadhinota Dibos (audio drama) – CJ Block

5:15pm to 5:20pm – Aami Shei Meye (Dance drama) – FD Block

5:20pm to 5:35pm – Poem recitation – IB Block

5:35pm to 5:50pm – Porom Pawa (Audio drama) – CD Block

5:50pm to 6:05pm – Chokher Baali (Even today Women’s Day is debated) – BK Block

6:05pm to 6:35pm – Mudraa (Film screening) - Kolkata

6:35pm to 6:55pm – Abhimanyu-er Khoj (short play) – BH Block

6:55pm to 7:10pm – Pragya Prokorsho (skit)  - DB Block

7:10pm to 7:25pm – Robi-r Chawtaye Udhbhashito Chaar Naari Shattwa (Dance) – BH Block

7:25pm to 7:45pm – Juddhosondhaye Ekakini (Audio drama) – BB Block

7:45pm to 8:05pm – Khelaye Put Poreche (Audio drama) – FE Block


Venue: Kalanjali Art Space (CG 65 Sector 2 Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091)


We look forward to your valued presence at the event for solidarity and support.


Awaiting a positive response from your end.



8th March

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