Yes I will receive a certificate up on my completion of the Internship.

My work area will be in the programme areas of Prayasam. However it is to the discretion of the Internship management team to decide the work place.

Yes I have to pay for one time 2600.

If I am a student then I have to submit my CV and collage recommendation letter. And if I am working then I will submit my CV.

I have to contribute 5 days in a week and 8 hours per day for the internship.

I have to do Internship for minimum 1 month and maximum 4 months.

Visual Media Volunteer– Prayasam youth filmmakers are creating visual stories based on the real life issues and problems they face everyday in their lives. Our Grassroot Film Studio, Visual Basics, serves as their workstation and capacity building platform. We seek volunteers who can further hone the skills of our youth in different aspects of visual media including photography, video, light handling, sound handling, photo and video editing.

Hardware and Software training Volunteer- We are looking for volunteers who have knowledge and expertise in web designing, Information Technology, hardware and software training to develop a hub of youth specialized in this field of work.

Creative Arts Volunteer– Prayasam has a cultural wing named Performing Arts Studio where children between 7 to 25 years of age are mentored using different creative media including dance, painting, drama, music, wall graffiti. We seek volunteers who have knowledge and interest in any of these creative arts and are willing to work with the children and youth in the communities; and are also self-motivated and come with their own vision for how they can contribute to our community

Sports Volunteer– Sports is one of the key services provided by Prayasam to its youth partners. From cricket to chess, soccer to badminton, the youth are involved in different sport activities. Prayasam’s promote is to inculcate discipline and life skill and breakthrough the gender stereotype through sports and hence we embark on unisex sports. Volunteer with interest, knowledge or skill in any sports, outdoor as well as indoor, can apply.

Process Documenter– We are looking for people to help us document our work and share our stories with our target audiences. This can include blogging, story writing / interviews, report writing, data compilation and research, among others

Monitoring and Evaluation Research Volunteer– Prayasam seeks hard-working, serious volunteers who can help us compile and analyze data about our programs and about the communities where we work. The children in the program are collecting health and education data about their communities to ‘make the invisible visible. We seek a volunteer who can help us analyze this data and compile it into reports for our audiences and also for our own learning.

Communication Material Developer– We are looking for volunteers who would help to strengthen the communication material database of the organization, exploring its layered projects and process of work and effectively communicating them with the larger world.

Mentor for OnTrack Grassroot Human Resource Management– Our On-Track program aims to develop children’s soft skills and life skills to prepare them for the workplace and for reaching their maximum potential. It also includes training on life skill education to the children and youth from red-light areas, rehabilitated and staying in a school hostel.

Preventive Health Education Volunteer– We seek health advocacy volunteers who can help us design, implement, and/or monitor programs for health education. Ideal candidates should have health-specific skills and training, but overall they must have the mindset of a facilitator and not of a trainer.

Montessori Education Volunteer– Prayasam runs pre-primary training centre in the communities where children between the age group of 3-6 years are mentored for their school preparedness, inculcating the basic discipline, decorum and habits and familiarizing them the entire system of education and studies. We are seeking for volunteers who enjoy working with young children and are creative, innovative and patient in handling children.