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To encourage the children and youth to continue with their higher studies as well as extracurricular activities, initiative, Pubali was started in the year 2005. Donating to support the holistic development of children and youth is incredibly important for building a better future. There are various ways you can contribute, such as donating to organizations that provide education, healthcare, nutrition, and extracurricular activities for children and youth. Your donation can help provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive and reach their full potential. If you need any assistance or suggestions on where to donate, feel free to ask!

  1. Pubali is a bridge between aspirations and ability.
  2. It is rare to see a scholarship being offered for co-curricular activities. 
  3. By learning life skills & soft skills, this will enhance the ability of the scholarship recipients.  
  4. Through Donate Dreams, we are providing the platform for children & youth to voice out their aspirations.
  5. This will act as a catalyst for holistic empowerment and our constituents shall end up becoming fulfilled versions of themselves.

If anyone is interested to help us in any of our projects (Scholarships, Microloans, Awards, Individual help, setting up Multiple Activity Centre in Oklong Khunou, Manipur), please come forward. We have several genuine requests pending due to lack of financial support. Many children and youth are asking for help to pay tution fees, to do a couse (ex.  Tailoring, Nursing, Computer), to buy a computer, to buy other educational materials. All these educational needs can be addressed with a donation of Rs.6,000 per year per child/youth. If one individual can not afford to spend that much, many small donations can help us to address these needs.  As we do not have any funding from corporations, we entirely depend on kind and generous individuals like you. You are our life line and we can do nothing without your help.