Dear Friends,

On the November 08 Salt Lake City Prayasam turns 25.

This year for Bad and Beautiful World Film Festival, we have made 8 films. The series is titled RESH (reverberance) is an anthology of 8 short films dealing with diverse subjects such as, companionship, child abuse, acceptance, penance, identity crisis and a spectrum of human emotions. A series of related and unrelated tales together linking them in subtle ways and discuss different shades of life. An anthology featuring stories of love, new beginnings, second chances, and a glimmer of hope.Intertwining stories of people belonging to a cross section of society. These films are judged by 14 individuals living in India and abroad.


The films which we made this year are:

Dhora Pore Gechi Ami…Gotcha…Babu works at his parents dry cleaners on weekend. When a newly married lady and her husband, stop by with their sarees and dhotis, Babu has his own secret desire to dream.

Dakkhina…Alms…A male escort has an odd encounter with a mysterious man that he picks up.

Dutto…Offer…Ronit is on familiar ground. He knows each man who comes in for his sister’s wedding. But Shayam, his visiting boyfriend, couldn't be further out of place - and there's something Ronit hasn't told him.

DeyaNeya…Quid Pro Quo…a gay tale that fuses timeless themes of love and class differences with a vibrant new story…Hard working Asghar delivers meals from Prasaad to different apartments in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Among his deliveries, he pines for the cute Corporate lawyer who seems not to notice him whenever he shows up with his tiffin carriers. But just when things start to look romantic for these two, class differences threaten to get in the way.


Durbin…Binoculars… Mridul, a journalist, is attracted to a free-spirited and unpredictable Arna. Memories of his father, Mrinmoy, encourage him to open himself up to the potential of a true and long-lasting relationship.

DumbBell…Bishan…explores the grey areas of his own sexuality after going through an unexpected breakup.

Dekha…Perceive…A dusty pavement near the Entertainment Park seems an unlikely place to call neutral territory, but it'sAnkur’s perhaps last attempt to try and reconnect with his estranged father. With Ankur’s father clinging ever more to his conservatism and the differences between father and son seemingly insurmountable, the stakes are high. Can they reconcile their differences and reconnect before it is too late?

DwitiyoPurushSecond Person…The boy Tanay is in a psychiatric institution. He meets a boy, Iqbal, a boy with a completely different view on life and the situation he and Tanay is in. The boys develop a close friendship that brings the mind and boundaries of Tanay to the test.


How Bad and Beautiful World Film Festival and all started:

Inspiration does not live in isolation; it is a combination of forces that crystallize into creative potential. With the new Adobe Creative Catalyst Award, Project 1324 recognizes leading youth arts organizations worldwide that support and inspire the next generation of creatives. Through innovative programs, these organizations respond to local needs and develop and engage creative expression as a force for positive youth development and social change.Prayasam was the sole winner of this Award from Asia. Then Adobe in collaboration with Prayasam constructed the first ever grassroot hub of film making studio at Salt Lake City Prayasam.

Why we want media’s participation?

In India and beyond, few shifts in public opinion have been as rapid and widespread as attitudes about lesbian women and gay men. We know that media has contributed to this major change. Researches show that the media can play a transitional role in shaping political attitudes towards sexuality and minorities in general, especially affecting the views of more impressionable, younger individuals. Information that flows through media – via television, movies, music, books and many other channels – encourages contact and communication between groups and even across national boundaries. In an increasingly interconnected world, we hypothesize that effects from virtual contacts through media exposure to portrayals of lesbian women and gay men should hold cross-nationally, depending on the national media outlets willingness to transmit portrayals.  We expect media effects to vary by age cohort since younger audiences in their impressionable years are more likely to have shifted their views in line with new new information transmitted since the 1990s. These audiences are less likely to have formatted firm opinions about gay and lesbian people.

We hope that you will encourage our endeavour in this.

Thanking You with regards,

Saptarshi Ray,


Social Media Communications


Panel of Judges

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Press Meet

Monday, November 8

11:00 AM Onwards

Godrej Genesis Building

Ziosk , 11th Floor

EN-34, Street Number 18, EN Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091