Prayasam Visual Basics 

Our Film Lab is a platform to engage and empower youth to become Community Visual Minders, using digital media (films, photography, white board animation, audio stories, etc) as advocacy tool for community development. This Grassroot Production Hub taps local community human resources, irrespective of their academic degree advocating youth issues and their rights.

Audio Recording Studio - If you are planning to record a song or music, just consult with PVB Studio, one of the best sound recording studio in Kolkata with an advanced voice recorder. Great service is available for audio-video mixing, and post-production after recording. Make your own audio or video album or YouTube Channel project. All support and recording executions will be under experienced professionals. We take care of individual requirements & creativity.


Kalanjali Art Space 

Art Studio – Youth from marginalized communities pursuing Art as their passion and/or profession mostly frowns. Prayasam breaks this stereotypical mindset that views art through the prism of classism to create an art space where any youth can freely embrace their creative pursuits. Whether your family income is 5k or 50k, our Art Studio is an open platform where one can learn and/or practice, and pursue any cultural art – dance, music, painting, body movements, theatre, and exhibitions.



Prasaad Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen is a hub that promotes culture through cuisine. Our offering has a unique blend of traditional recipes with contemporary essence. The idea is to provide healthy and nutritious food from various cultures under one umbrella, thereby promoting mutual respect and social harmony among cultures. It is an entrepreneurial venture that simultaneously creates income opportunity for the youth working in this setup.

Community News Network

Community News Network is a platform of grassroot journalism upholding news from and of the communities which are non biased, non sensational and portrays the real scenario of communities. The objective is to bring change to people’s views and perceptions of the communities, which have been projected in a negative light since time immemorial.


Management InstituteUnarguably adolescence is a difficult period to navigate but so is to handle the expectation pressure of adulthood. The Management Institute mentors the youth with professional skills for job excellence simultaneously with necessary soft and life skills. Thus enabling the youth to matters of personal life with positivity instead of slipping into anxiety while maintaining healthy professional culture.

Duo Ranir Sansaar

Material Bank – Based on the concept of economic equity and recycling, Prayasam’s Material Bank has become their to go shopping space for community people. It provides regular materials (garments to household) required in daily life at a subsidized rate to community people as per their income status. Also the team of Material Bank upcycle the used material into different utility products ranging from jewellery to bags to masks after proper sanitization process.



Early Childhood Education Centre – Early Childhood Education Centre is the play school in the communities for young children between 3 to 6 years following the early childhood education and development model. The method of teaching includes using audio visuals, cost effective Teaching Learning Methods (TLMs), storytelling sessions, indoor and outdoor sports. The children experience a child friendly environment, developing their fine motor skills, cognitive and academic development.

Youth Exchange

International Exchanges – Prayasam has had international exchanges with different countries since 2015 supported by Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Adobe and Norwegian Ministry of External Affairs and US Department of State. The exchange focus ranges from mutual sharing and learning of expertise in filmmaking, creative productions, grassroot journalism in states and countries including California, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Kenya, Bangladesh, to name the few.