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Material Bank

Inspired by the character of Duorani from the Bengali fairy tale, Thakurmar Jhuli, Prayasam’s material bank, Duoranir Sangshar focuses on recycling and upcycling of materials to promote sustainable fashion and economic equity. If you have clothes, home furnishing, furniture, crockery, shoes, school bags, etc that may be old but in good usable condition, kindly donate to Duoranir Sangshar and it will directly reach people from marginalized communities, after sanitization and redesign, if required.

Duo Ranir Sangshar upcycles and recycles the items and provides them to community people at a highly subsidized price, corresponding to their average monthly income. While you may have a surplus of clothes, a section of people look for garments within their affordability, given the exorbitantly rising cost of materials. Additionally, they work towards sustainable fashion; every year pounds of clothes goes into landfill, thereby adding to the environmental pollution. Duoranir Sangshar upcycles clothes and home furnishing and provides those to community people, thereby creating a chain of reuse and recycle, trying to reduce climate change footprint.

Lastly, in its entire process of operation, Duoranir Sangshar is creating employment opportunities for girls and women in the marginalized communities who particularly lost jobs due to the pandemic. Thus, it is also catering to the economic benefit of community people and enabling them to have access to dignified employment, increasing their aspiration and decreasing incidents of theft, drug trafficking, and other crimes resulting from joblessness.

Your one donated item can have a far-reaching impact on an entire generation, for an entire community.


Prayasam has been working in India for over 26 years, for the upliftment of marginalised youth through 30 programmes in 21 localities . We urge you to play your part in gifting a meaningful childhood to underprivileged children. Through your contributions, we can reach more children and support their various needs.

*** 95% of all our expenses go to our programme services

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