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Prayasam has been working for the last 24 years to bring lifestyle changes in the communities. Poverty is in the minds of people, a principle that we believe in and is one the ethos of our organization. Our youth are continuously working to make their communities self reliant and independent. Bringing change in one’s mentality and attitude takes time and resources. Over the years we have had like-minded supporters from different parts of the world. If you too believe in our ideologies, your contribution can go a long way. When you donate you encourage the youth in their endeavour to strive more and continue to work for their own communities, as they feel that they are not alone but there are people who believe in their vision of having self sustaining communities.

Donation From India

Payee Name – Salt Lake City Prayasam

Bank Name  - Axis Bank Limited

Branch – Salt Lake City

Type of Account – Savings

Account Number – 025010100154802

IFSC – UTIB0000025


All Donations are exempted under 80G

Duoranir Sansaar (Material Bank)

The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.
The name Duorani signifies the ever sacrificing queen of the Bengali fairy tales who wins the heart of the king finally by her sheer goodness, intelligence and honesty. A queen who used to have a meager but respectful and dignified existence. Thus our material bank is aptly called the queen’s haven. Thus, the materials what we accumulate from our donor friends are sold at a very low price (Rs 10 per article) but it is never given free of cost, in order to honour the self pride or dignity of the disadvantaged buyers.
When we donate our unwanted clothes or articles to charity, we rarely think about what will happen to them: who will sort and sell them, and finally, who will revive and wear or use them. In Prayasam we have the answer. The senior group of boys and girls from the communities that we serve, Nirmaan, takes charge and disburse or recycle them with a professional élan. In Bengali they call it dosher duniya (buy anything just for Rs. 10) and the sell proceeds that they accumulate are spent on buying monthly educational stationeries for themselves and for the junior group members, Ekjot.

We request the donors to kindly submit a full list of articles while handing over the materials to our collectors. And within a day / two you get an acknowledgement receipt from our end and also the area where your materials have been used.

10 KM Around Prayasam from where we collect materials